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Dental Emergencies and Pain

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Dental pain can be very difficult to live with. Dental pain and emergencies can prevent you from sleeping, concentrating, and even from doing simple daily activities. Many people who have experienced dental pain just want it go go away, and for good reason.

Patients who start treatment or begin a regimen of antibiotics may notice their dental pain is reduced or even gone. This can be a tremendous relief! Sometimes, patients forget to complete their treatment or even choose not to come back because they are no longer in pain.

Pain relief is only one step in the process of treating many dental problems.  Infections and swelling are a common cause of dental pain, but are usually a symptom of a larger issue such as gum disease. In fact, ignoring necessary treatment may result in future dental emergencies which can also include infection, dental pain, and even loss of a tooth or teeth.

If your dentist has made a diagnosis and recommend a course of treatment relating to a dental emergency, we always recommend that you complete the treatment and resume regular check-up visits to help prevent future and more costly issues, and to ensure your smile is as healthy as possible.

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