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Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD)

Orthodontists can do some amazing things with brackets and rubber bands!

However, recent advances in technology and procedures are helping them do more and achieve even greater results with their patients, also allowing them to complete treatments faster and more efficiently.

One examples of these new advances is the use of Temporary Anchorage Devices. Often called TADs for short.

TADs are new orthodontic devices that help orthodontists apply force to particular teeth in a certain direction to help move teeth in ways that weren’t always possible.

TADs are small devices that look similar to an earring stud once they are installed. These temporary implant devices are basically surgical screws that are anchored through the gums and into the jaw bone.

Although this sounds like a serious procedure, it is actually a pretty quick and minor procedure that involves both the orthodontist and oral surgeon. During the procedure, local anesthesia is used and you should be able to resume normal activities that day.

Once installed, it’s important that you keep your TAD clean. This requires normal brushing and flossing, as well as keeping an eye out for any redness, irritation, or swelling at the gums around the TAD.

Can TADs be used on patients of all ages? Absolutely! The TADs help shorten treatment times. Another benefit is that TADs can be placed in just about all areas of the mouth.

TADs are temporary and shouldn’t move around until the orthodontist removes it at the end of treatment or when they no longer need it. Over time, TADs can become loose, but that isn’t typically an issue. Each case is different, but TADs can be used for a portion of your orthodontic treatment, as short as 6 months, or for the entire treatment. For longer treatments, TADs may need to be moved or adjusted, requiring additional procedures.

When it’s time to remove the TAD, orthodontists can usually take it out without anesthesia. A topical numbing cream may be used for comfort but this is not a painful process.

Have questions about Temporary Anchorage Devices? Contact our office today and we will be happy to answer them.

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