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Orthodontic Oral Hygiene

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The best way to keep your smile bright and healthy for life is by maintaining an effective oral hygiene routine right at home.  If you or your child has braces, this can take a bit of extra effort and time, but good habits will form with persistence.  Maintaining a great oral home-care routine will make sure you can avoid any cavities or decay during your treatment, and make sure you get the most out of your orthodontic treatment and the gorgeous, healthy smile you are in the process of creating!

It is important to use the type of toothbrush recommended by your 1st Family Dental orthodontist, as well as any other tools or equipment recommended or provided at your bonding visit.

Before brushing, remove any elastics or other removable parts of your orthodontic appliance.

Use your brush at a 45-degree angle to clean around the wires brackets. Brush from the top of each wire and then from the bottom.  We recommend focusing on one quadrant, or quarter of your mouth at a time.  If your orthodontist gave you a thin brush to use between your brackets, use that to make sure all food and debris are removed before brushing.

Brush your teeth spending time on each tooth. Place your brush at a 45-degree angle to the junction between the tooth and the gum, then apply gentle pressure as you move in a circular motion, spending about 10 seconds on each tooth. Use the same brushing action on all outer and inner tooth surfaces, changing the angle of the brush so that you can reach all surfaces of your teeth.

Floss once a day.  Your orthodontist may have provided you with a special type of floss for cleaning around appliances such as braces.

Rinse with water and inspect your teeth.  They should look and feel clean, and your breath should be fresh or neutral.

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