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Anatomy of the Tooth

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Baby teeth are important for eating, speaking, appearance, and holding space for the developing adult teeth. They are also structured differently from adult teeth, making them more prone to decay, and the nerve is closer to the outside, which can make cavities painful for children. Cavities in baby teeth, if left untreated, can result in pain, infection, abscess, or swelling. Understanding the anatomy of your child’s teeth can help you better understand the need for a strong and effective oral hygiene routine for children, as well as the importance of regular checkups to prevent and quickly diagnose and treat dental caries.

Anatomy of an Adult Tooth

Proper care of adult teeth is extremely important, because they are the last original set you will get for the rest of your life!  They are stronger than baby teeth, but they are not indestructible.  It is important to follow an effective oral hygiene home care routine for adults, and visit 1st Family Dental for regular checkup and cleaning visits every 6 months.

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